My (Supplement-Free) Morning Coffee

There is a pressure once you start taking your health seriously to “healthify” everything you consume. This obsession with turning everything into a magic elixir led me to adding so many healthy supplements and powders in my morning coffee that it was like drinking dirty bean vitamin water. By “so many” I mean four: collagen, MCT oil, neuroshroom powder, and occasionally maca powder. After a couple months of doing this I started to realize that I no longer looked forward to my morning coffee *GASP*. I had taken this beautiful, blissful part of the day and corrupted it into another health checklist burden and, unshockingly, it didn’t really taste that great. I was making my coffee work too hard. I was trying to make it something it wasn’t! Now I let my coffee shine and worry about supplements until after I’m fully caffeinated and just make coffee that makes me HAPPY, which, in my book, is all I need my coffee to do.

Two things that truly elevate my morning cup are: (1) Philz Coffee beans – specifically their Dancing Water light roast, and (2) my homemade vanilla cinnamon cashew milk. Okay fine actually three things – (3) our espresso machine, the Breville Barista Pro. I think its my third favorite possession…my wedding ring and something else that I can’t think of but should probably value more than the coffee machine are slightly ahead.

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